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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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You want to set your new employees up for success. It’s good for them, for you and for other employees. The faster a new hire settles in, the faster they start generating profits for your company. People who feel appreciated in their jobs also tend to stay around longer, work harder and have stronger connections with their employer. Again, all good things for your business.

There are several ways that you can make a new employee feel welcome, but one that stands out is an employee welcome package. Consider it to be like a survival pack, only cuter. Inside the welcome pack are essentials that the new hire needs to get adjusted to their new job.

What’s Included in a Welcome Kit?

Welcome packages contain different materials based on the nature of the business. Some companies take their welcome packages very seriously while others have more fun with them. We recommend being creative with yours, as your new employee is probably already bombarded with handbook policies and HR documents. Give them something playful to enjoy.

Here are some ideas of what can be included in your employee welcome package.

  • Welcome letter
  • Company mission and values
  • Schedule for new hire activities
  • HR documents
  • Map of the company
  • Branded merchandise

As you’ll notice, one of the items that will liven up your welcome kit is branded merchandise. Every company hands off important documents and payment schedules, but not all deliver it with a slice of corporate swag.

Set Your Welcome Kit Apart with Corporate Swag

By including some type of branded item in your employee welcome pack, you give off a sincere first impression and help the new person feel like part of the team. Examples of branded merchandise that new employees love are:

  • Coffee mugs. Who doesn’t love coffee? Just make sure to keep a fresh pot brewing in your break room!
  • T-shirts and hoodies. Company swag is great to wear on Casual Friday or at the next corporate event.
  • Water bottles. Keep employees awake and refreshed with a branded water bottle. This also promotes healthy living.
  • Office supplies. Give new hires the essentials they need to be efficient workers: pens, staples and a stapler, legal pads, USB, mouse pad, wireless mouse, etc.
  • Bags and briefcases. For employees who will be bringing their work home with them, offer a handy bag or briefcase with your name on it.

Employee welcome packages are the perfect way to build positive relationships with your new hires. Rather than overloading them on tedious information, spice things up with company swag. It’s a great way to create a lasting impression and also do some free marketing along the way!