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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

OR CALL (800) 437-8518

One of the most valuable assets to your company brand is right under your nose: a web store. A custom online store allows employees, vendors, suppliers, and others to shop online for branded merchandise from your business. All logos and colors are consistent across products, whether you’re selling apparel, drinkware, bags, or office accessories. Anyone who shops in your store can browse in confidence, knowing that what they select has been handpicked by you.


A company web store is a smart investment for your brand as a whole. We’ll explain why and the steps to get started with your very own online employee store!


Expand Your Sales Area


If your business isn’t located in or near a large city, it can be difficult to reach a wide audience. A web store changes things by allowing people from all over to order products that are affiliated with your brand. These additional purchases will generate more sales and result in extended brand awareness. People from five states away can be found wearing your swag!


Increase Brand Presence


When people wear branded clothing outside the workplace, they are advertising your company. To promote the use of your products, choose practical, everyday items; this increases the likelihood that they will be worn in public. Some of the most popular branded merchandise includes trendy apparel, drinkware, technology, and embroidered bags.


Build Brand Advocates


Employee recognition makes all the difference in the performance you get. According to, engaged employees perform 20 percent better and are 87 percent less likely to leave than their non-engaged counterparts. Employees are your strongest brand advocates, so it pays to have a good rapport with them. They are effective at influencing consumer purchase decisions and opinions.


Keep Up with Demand


Once you launch a company web store, the hard part is done. Your store will continue to sell for you, whether it’s 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. This makes shopping on your site convenient for employees and team members as well as their friends and family. Plus, processing orders is done quickly and efficiently online so that you can focus on growing your business.


The cost of setting up an e-company store is quickly offset by the advantages listed above. Inkwell Global Marketing is happy to explain the benefits your company can expect to see with a custom designed online store. With built-in customer support and real-time reporting, you can deliver the very best products and services to your employees.