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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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Millennials are an interesting consumer group. They spend $600 billion annually and are predicted to account for 35% of spending by 2030. Although this generation has a reputation for shopping online, the reality is quite different. Millennials love to browse, read reviews, and compare products on their smartphones, but they tend to make purchases in stores. The reason why: millennial shoppers love to see what they are buying. Many are buried in college debt, so every penny counts.

Understanding millennial shopping habits can help you build a better company, and ultimately, a better brand. It all starts with your place of business. A company web store is the perfect way to relate to millennials, establish a strong reputation and acquire free advertising. Let’s explore further.

You can enforce a comfortable dress code.

Setting up a company store for employees offers immediate benefits, including an easy and sensible dress code. Employees will have a wide range of branded apparel to choose from that fits their personal style and taste. Management will feel good knowing that many options are available and that all apparel and products have been pre-approved. Additionally, less time will be spent on enforcing a dress code.

You can offer discounts and rewards programs.

By having a company web store, employees have the freedom to shop when they want. The challenge is that clothes can be expensive, and millennials don’t always have disposable cash. To encourage more activity in your online store, offer a rewards program. Millennials love getting good deals so you can easily entice them with special offers, discounts, and loyalty points that can be spent in your store on the next visit.

You can instill a stronger sense of loyalty.

Millennials have been called the most brand-loyal generation. Offering a company store is an excellent way to grow this loyalty. Right off the bat, you’re giving employees the freedom and flexibility to wear clothes that make them feel comfortable. By shopping in your store, they can find the items they like and wear them proudly. This counts as free advertising for your brand and a stronger sense of brand loyalty.

You can let them see the products up close.

Remember when we said that millennials like to see what they’re buying? Luckily, a company web store allows for this! When people in the office buy a personalized hoodie or polo shirt, everyone else can see the quality for themselves. If they like what they see, they can make a purchase and feel confident about it. You can also work with your promotional marketing company to have sample items on hand for employees to browse through.

Company web stores are invaluable to your business. You can control your branding, encourage individuality, and create a positive working environment for everyone. Better yet, when employees walk around with a branded water bottle, backpack, or sweatshirt, you get free advertising with a smile!