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What are the Advantages of Promotional Products for Companies?

Should Companies Have a Dress Code?

A dress code is set of standards that most companies create to assist their employees and guide them about what is appropriate to wear to work. This can range from formal to business casual and depends on the requirements of the specific workplace and the clients it caters to.

The type and amount of interactions between the employees and their clients are important factors in determining the dress code. Most companies want to showcase their professionalism and work ethic for clients who pay them frequent visits and this is best done through formal attire. Organizations that prefer a formal dress code include banks, financial consulting firms, large businesses and law offices.

What are the Benefits of Corporate Uniforms?

Corporate uniforms give employees a sense of belonging within the company and assists with bridging the divide created by hierarchy. Some of the key benefits of corporate uniforms are:

  • Preventing employees from wearing inappropriate clothes to work and avoiding other types of clothing mishaps that could affect your brand identity.
  • Increase the loyalty of employees through the development of feelings of belongingness to something bigger than themselves. This, in turn, instills pride and improves employees’ commitment to the company.
  • A professionally dressed workforce portrays a strong corporate identity to clients and employees alike.

How to Design Work Uniforms?

Designing work uniforms should be done by keeping in mind two important factors:

1. Brand Color Scheme

Choose the colors that you use for your logo, brand name and other communications. People will identify this color scheme with your brand and the customized uniforms will further this brand identity. It is a good way to make your employees look like an integral part of your business.

2. Conditions at the Workplace

The type of industry that your company is associated with will determine the design of the uniform. If your employees are engaged in field work, then durable and weather resistant material is the way to go. For an office-based environment, comfort and style should be given special attention. On the other hand, for manufacturing setups, safety needs to be given first priority.

Why is Workplace Branding Important?

Employees spend more time in office than anywhere else during the day. So, a good approach is to develop a sense of pride and ownership for things they are spending large amounts of time daily on. A brand that can be easily seen and understood by workers develops a sense of belongingness.

A well branded workplace serves as a reminder to every employee that they are working to attain a common goal and makes for a more cohesive and cooperative environment. If workplace branding is done properly, it can also improve the culture of the company and motivate people to achieve more each day.

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