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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

OR CALL (800) 437-8518

If your direct mailing campaigns aren’t bringing in the results you had hoped for, you might need to shake things up. Many companies have shifted their focus to online marketing only, so people aren’t receiving freebies as much as before. That said, people love getting free things in their mailbox. There’s no substitute for tangible items that customers can interact with.

Let’s look at five of the most popular promotional products to add to your next direct mail campaign.

1. Product Samples

Use your imagination when it comes to the types of product samples you can send out. Product samples give customers a sneak peek of the quality you offer. If they find your product to be useful to their lives, or they are simply interested in learning more about what you do, they can visit your online website or social media page. For example, if you run a home renovation company, send out wood cabinet or carpet samples.

2. Imprinted Items

Work with a promotional product company to send out personalized products with your direct mail campaign. Choose an item that is inexpensive, can be mailed easily and leaves room for imprinting. Ideas include magnets, notepads, bookmarks and pens. Try to match the product to the services your company offers. Dentists, for instance, might send out toothbrushes with their logo. A computer repair company could benefit from memory sticks.

3. Seasonal Items

Take advantage of the seasons. If it’s summer, sunglasses, duffle bags, beach balls, lanyards and towels all come in handy. Items like duffle bags and small towels can be easily folded up in an envelope and mailed for a minimal cost. During the fall, focus on back-to-school or football themes. Everyone’s excited for the change and will appreciate rain ponchos, folders, pencil cases or calendars.

4. Microfiber Products

Microfiber products are highly valued these days because of how often people use electronics. It’s nice to have microfiber cleaning cloths on hand to safely wipe down smartphones, tablets and computers. But microfiber extends way beyond electronics. If you have an audience that likes this material, consider microfiber mouse pads, cloths, golf towels and sports packs. Again, all items can be mailed cost effectively.

5. Dimensional Objects

Dimensional items may cost more to mail, but they can bring you a bigger return on investment. Because these products are hard to miss, they are more likely to be opened and interacted with. You can try something that the recipient has to put together – a puzzle or toy – or stick to the classics: stress balls, pens or earbuds.

When your direct mail marketing is lacking, spice it up with one of the items listed above. Never underestimate the power of getting your brand name and products into the hands of customers through direct mail. It’s an important niche that you can dominate in.