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        Swag Stores! Get started with a Company Store, Pop-Up Store or Microsite

        Take your brand to the next level. Leverage custom-branded merchandise on a cutting-edge online platform and support from our highly professional and friendly team.

        Inkwell Global Marketing supplies the services you need to:

        Produce, hold and ship your swag in our cutting-edge facilities.

        Manage your inventory with complete visibility from a centralized, user-friendly dashboard.

        Distribute merchandise quickly and easily to a single recipient or multiple addresses.

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        Simplify the Process of Purchasing Branded Apparel, Print and Promotional With a Corporate Web Store

        We understand that each company operates in a unique ecosystem and has different business goals. That’s why our system is rich in features, and our team of experts will help you through each step of the setup process.

        Schedule a demo today and find out more about how you can leverage a powerful platform to make your brand more memorable.

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        Do You Need a Branded Company Store?

        Your organization has invested countless hours into developing a brand story and logo. It’s critical that your company merchandise resonates with your employees and your swag conveys just the right message to your customers and agency partners. Yet, previous providers may have created challenges, like outdated branding or poor quality.

        If you’re like many businesses, you may lack a good way of tracking who orders what and how often. Old logos are used and colors aren’t consistent. Products aren’t in-line with your branding guidelines. If this sounds familiar and if branding is a priority for your business, you need a company web store that’s powered by cutting-edge technology and supported by an expert team.

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        Benefits of a Company Merchandise Store

        Easy to Organize Everything

        The store will have a categorized listing of products. Each item can be broken down by category and sub category as warranted.

        Online Search and Support Whenever You Need It

        Site includes search feature to easily find desired merchandise. It also has live chat and customer service to facilitate the process.

        Simple to Place an Order

        Users access the site using a unique login and password. They can quickly glance through what they want and place the order.

        Detailed Item Descriptions

        Display products with photos, detailed product descriptions, sizes, charts, packing details and current inventory levels.

        On-Demand Ordering

        Access a wide range of products with little or no expense of stocking pre-branded apparel and soft goods.

        Ordering History

        Users can access their order history, tracking and invoices; helps in planning, budgeting, reorders, reporting and validation.

        Multiple Payment Options

        Support multiple checkout payment options like credit cards, purchase orders, department code, PayPal, digital wallets and more.

        Mobile-Responsive Design

        Designed to work easily on smartphones or tablets. Many corporate store orders originate from mobile devices.

        Program Data and Reporting

        Access live data. Download reports in various formats. Segregate data by product type, bill to, GL code, logo or other variables.

        Easy Inventory Management

        Reduce your investment in buying and owning bulk quantities with total inventory transparency at a glance.

        Want a Smaller Company Swag Store?
        A Microsite or Pop-Up Store Is for You!

        If a full-blown company store seems a little overblown right now, you should consider a microsite or pop up store. A microsite is a scaled down version of a company store. Microsites can be used to manage on-boarding, recruitment, special event and pre-order distribution and fulfillment activities.

        Pop-Up Stores and microsites are centered on a single campaign. It is typically a temporary site that is built for a limited time. They make it easy for you to collect and combine orders from multiple shoppers.

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        Pop-Up Stores Are Great For…

        Employee Apparel Programs

        Employees can order their shirts and sizes and these will combine into one easy-to-produce sales order.

        Celebration Gift

        Set up a pop-up store to gift employees one item, allow them to select the item they want and then produce the order!

        Pop-Up Stores Are Able to...

        Accept Credit Card Payment

        Choose to password protect your store, accept payments, and even offer coupons.

        Handle Small-Volume Orders

        We don’t enforce minimum quantities since low quantity orders can be combined to create a single sales order that hits product minimums.

        Inkwell Company Stores

        Complete customization capability to meet your branding needs.

        Seamless e-commerce-like experiences with a dedicated homepage, plus category and product-level pages.

        Numerous add-ons and store levels for increased design flexibility.

        Configurable features allow you to establish user accounts and control budgets and permissions.

        A centralized source for employee orders.

        Inkwell Micro Stores

        Fast and simple online ordering.

        Quick setups and store launches—ideal for temporary needs, fundraising and small-volume ordering.

        An individual storefront page listing all your products and options available.

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