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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

OR CALL (800) 437-8518

When was the last time you received a promotional item in your mailbox? It’s not common to get branded items by your doorstep anymore. Not only has direct mail been replaced by email, but also marketers keep promotional items for trade show purposes only because of the mailing costs.


While it’s true that direct mail isn’t as prosperous as it once was, it’s far from dead. Hard-copy mail and promotional items are much more memorable than emails because you can touch and feel them.


If you are considering where to invest your advertising dollars – direct mail promotional products or trade shows – the answer is both. Direct mail and trade shows bring value to your business by generating brand awareness, developing new leads, and increasing conversions and sales.


Below are key factors to consider and tips for combining both advertising methods.


Generating Interest


Trade shows are an investment. You must cover the costs of the show itself and pay for employees to get there. As a result, the shows you attend deserve your best efforts. But, how are you letting people know which events you are attending?


Social media is a popular tool for sharing this information, but direct mail can be just as effective. If you mail out promotional products along with an invite to the event, stronger brand associations are made. You can even measure engagement by asking people to mention the item at the event.


To make things more fun, consider giving recipients “part” of a promotional item. They can collect the rest by visiting you in person. Or, invite guests to your event by sending them a custom ticket. By bringing the ticket to your booth, visitors can be awarded a special prize.


Focusing on a Specific Market


In order for tangible advertising to be effective, you must have a solid mailing list. A bad list won’t give you the returns you’re looking for. Take some time to go through your list and weed out people who are no longer interested in your services. When your list is cleaned up, consider the demographics of your audience.


If you have an older target group, sending direct mail will be familiar and welcomed. An exclusive invitation to your trade show is enough to catch their attention. Millennials, on the other hand, might need more incentives. If using a direct mail campaign, include a practical, everyday promotional product such as a water bottle or beach bag.


Facing Less Competition


Direct mail campaigns have died down, so there’s not a lot of competition. Now is your time to shine! Most people are just collecting bills at the mailbox and not fun, tangible items. By putting together a direct mail campaign that promotes your trade show event, you’re likely to get noticed. And, by sending recipients interactive mail, you can measure engagement more easily.


Direct mail promotional products and trade shows should not be separate. They both serve an important purpose for promoting your brand offline. In fact, the two complement each other for greater engagement and more traffic at your event booth.