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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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Branding your higher institution is important. This is what allows you to increase enrollment, receive more income from donations and create more awareness toward your programs and events. But branding is tricky. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Audiences are unique between schools, and there are various groups to connect with: students, alumni, future students, professors, parents of students and more.

Let’s talk about why it’s important to brand your institution and how it can have a positive impact on your enrollment numbers.

How Effective Branding Boosts Enrollment

Today’s students are faced with an uncertain economy, enrollment instability, increased competition and increased dependence on financial aid. Prospective students need to feel confident when deciding where to go to college. If a higher institution sends out mixed messages, how can they deliver a quality education?

By showing future students that you are aware of your strengths and what you can offer, it creates a sense of confidence, security and loyalty. Don’t forget your offline channels, too, as they also play a role in branding. When alumni wear your branded swag, they boost your school’s reputation. A sweatshirt, a duffle bag or a stainless steel water bottle all act as free, ongoing and effective marketing tools for your school.

But, consistency is key.

Why Does Consistent Branding Matter?

It’s crucial that you carefully control your marketing content, otherwise different departments within your institution may put out contradictory messages. This can confuse students and send the message that you don’t know your school’s mission and values.

To ensure consistency, gather all digital content on your school, including photos, videos, program information and more. The goal is to develop a compelling visual brand that has a consistent color palette, photography, messaging, typography and logomark.

The advantages that you should begin to see through consistent marketing are:

  • Recognition from students and alumni
  • Competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Easy introduction of new programs
  • Student and alumni loyalty
  • Boosted enrollment

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to learn more about how to earn your higher institution widespread recognition? Introduce a simple, fresh and modern image of your brand so that you continue to interest prospective students. No longer is college branding simply messaging plastered onto t-shirts and baseball caps. It’s now a major part of your bottom line and the face of your higher institution.