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Fidget spinners are one of the hottest toys on the shelves these days. If you have children in school or know someone who does, it’s almost certain that you’ve seen these palm-sized spinners in action. Fidget spinners were introduced in the 1990s by inventor Catherine Hettinger. In 2005, she could no longer afford the $400 patent renewal fee, so she dropped the patent.

The original intention of the toy was to help people with anxiety, attention disorders and more self-soothe. It certainly does its job – so much that it’s trickled into mainstream society as a way to prevent boredom and relieve stress. Today, manufacturers and retailers of the modern-day toy are earning a massive profit.

Fidget Spinners: Fun for All Ages

Though fidget spinners are most commonly found in schools and used by kids and teens, they come in handy for people of all ages. Those who have difficulty concentrating benefit from putting their nervous energy into something else. Just think of all the times when you could have had a spinner to rely on: college exams, job interviews, important business meetings.

Those who don’t have fidgeting issues find the gadgets to be helpful in relieving stress and reducing boredom. And, with so many different colors and styles coming out, fidget spinners are becoming like the Pogs of years past. It’s fun collecting fidget spinners in various colors and styles. Whether they’re multi-colored, light-up or UFO-inspired, kids love getting their hands on the most unique designs out there!

Why Fidget Spinners Make Great Promotional Products

Knowing that there’s such a wide market for fidget spinners, how can you use this to your advantage? Inkwell Global Marketing has added fidget spinners to our catalog, so you can order them today for your next trade show event or marketing opportunity. Or, hand them out to your employees to promote stress relief in the workplace. We have to admit, your meetings will look a lot more fun with a room full of adults playing with fidget spinners!

Here are some of the reasons why we think fidget spinners make great promotional products for your brand:

  • Great for ages 5+
  • Excellent stress reducer
  • Prevents boredom and fidgeting
  • Fits in pockets, purses, desk drawers, etc.
  • Mix and match colors to fit your brand
  • Attract attention at your next event
  • Affordably priced, starting at $1.79

Order Your Custom Fidget Spinners Today!

If there’s one type of promotional product that’s going to get your brand noticed, it’s a fidget spinner! There’s no telling when this craze may end, so get yours today from Inkwell Global Marketing. Create custom color combinations AND have your fidget spinner imprinted with your brand logo. Colors include black, white, red, royal blue, orange, lime, purple and more! Fidget spinners are available May 30, but you can pre-order yours today to take advantage of the hottest summer craze!