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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

OR CALL (800) 437-8518

Whether you own a small, local mom-and-pop shop or an international business with multiple locations, getting people to love your brand is always a challenge. As good as your product or service may be, you have to get people to like you first.

Customer relationships matter, and they can make all the difference in how much growth your business experiences. How do you build better relationships with your customers? How can you move them through the funnel and closer to loving you and your products? Many branding strategies work for SMEs, and one of them is custom promotional merchandise.

Promotional Items are Always Working for You

Promotional products make your brand stand out, which is important in this highly competitive industry. Between social media, email newsletters, text alerts and online promotional offers, consumers are always being asked to buy a product, sign up for a trial, stop in for a sample, etc.

Custom promotional merchandise is a breath of fresh air. Rather than asking someone to do something, you’re simply putting your name out there while giving the person a convenient item. The more useful your item is, the more the person will use it. Not only does this generate exposure for your brand, but also strengthens the ties you have with customers.

Connecting Merchandise to Your Customers’ Lives

Think of all the possibilities – charging stations, screen cleaners, wireless headphones, duffle bags, water bottles – that can make your brand memorable and effective. While the usefulness and relevance of the product makes a difference, there’s another element you should consider: connecting your memorable product with an issue, hobby or problem being experienced by your audience.

Making these connections helps your brand stand out from the crowd. Any brand can hand out a pen with their name and logo on it. By giving your audience something that relates to their lives, you’re creating positive associations between you and the customer. For instance, if your company is moving toward being self-sufficient, a reusable shopping tote or LED flashlight would be appropriate. A pad of paper made from trees? Not so much.

Rather than focusing on the products that will give you the most for your dollar, think of the ones that will have the greatest impact. When you align these products with your marketing campaigns, you will achieve the goals of being memorable and effective.