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A PunchOut catalog is a type of online supplier catalog that connects to your organization’s e-procurement system. PunchOut orders are made electronically, so there are no paper documents involved. The orders are processed through your purchasing application, such as Ariba or SciQuest. With no need to jump around from one site to another, you can find the products you’re looking for easily on an interface that you are familiar with.

Let’s take a closer look at what it’s like to use a PunchOut catalog and how it can benefit you.

Using a PunchOut Catalog

The process of using a PunchOut catalog is simple. Through your procurement network, you visit the supplier’s PunchOut catalog. The gateway recognizes you – the buyer – and sends you to your online catalog. This site is configured to your needs based on the types of items you order. Everything can be handled from the convenience of your browser, such as adding items to your cart.  

When you’re ready to check out from the PunchOut site, you won’t see the traditional checkout methods. Instead, you will be able to “punch out” your order. The order is sent to your e-procurement application, where the buyer can go through the normal workflow process and add additional items, make changes or cancel the order. Once the purchase order is approved, it can be sent to the supplier.

Benefits of a PunchOut Catalog

Simplifying the purchasing process is never a bad idea. By using a PunchOut catalog, you can easily shop your vendors’ catalogs, control spend across your organization and exchange documents – purchase orders, invoices – electronically. All of this leads to reduced error, less repetitive data and increased order accuracy.

Additionally, PunchOut catalogs are maintained by the supplier in real-time, so you can find better information about the promotional products such as their availability, discounts and shipping costs. It’s also helpful to have everything in one central location for better budgeting and purchasing consolidation.


Inkwell Global Marketing offers a PunchOut catalog for buyers who are interested in promotional items. We are one of few companies that offers a catalog of this sort, and our customers are finding that it greatly improves the purchasing process within their organization. Some of the platforms we integrate with include Ariba, Sciquest, SAP and COUPA. To learn more about our PunchOut catalog and how it can benefit your company, call us today.