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Ugly Christmas sweaters weren’t always a thing. Today, you can’t get through the holiday season without seeing one. Heck, there are even ugly sweater Christmas parties! Thanks to these festive parties, the trend has picked up in the last decade. Whether you’re at work, school or a night out, it’s not uncommon to see people donning sweaters with ribbons, jingle bells or LED lighting.

Knowing how popular ugly Christmas sweaters are, it’s not a bad idea to incorporate them into your company branding. Employees can wear them for the month of December, and you can throw an ugly sweater office party with awards for the best – or worst – dressed.

As usual, Inkwell Global Marketing is already thinking ahead for the holiday season. Here are some great ideas to shake up your company store with ugly Christmas sweaters.

Choose a Loud Color Scheme

Usually, there are rules to follow when using color. But, when it comes to ugly sweaters, those rules go out the window. You don’t have to choose soft, subtle tones that complement each other. That would be too – normal! Opt for bright colors that make a statement, such as purples, greens and reds.

Add Festive Accessories

Accessories are part of what makes holiday sweaters so festive! Choose accessories wisely, as jingle bells might look great on a shirt but be distracting in the office. Some of our favorite accessories include ribbon, pom poms and glitter. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to go simple and choose a humble knitted sweater instead.

Make Your Logo Festive

If you want people to know that the sweaters are from your company, use your same logo and branding but jazzed up for the holidays. Some companies do this and it works great. You’ll notice that Google changes its logo based on the holiday, and Starbucks changes its packaging. This is a great way to leave a professional mark on your business while creating something unique.

Don’t Forget Comfort and Quality

Ugly sweaters may only be worn a few times a year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider quality and comfort. You don’t have to choose a premium material, but you don’t want scratchy, uncomfortable shirts that your employees dread wearing. Consider how the sweater looks and feels. If you go with a decent quality, your ugly sweaters might make their appearance every December!

Donate a Portion of the Sales

If you sell tacky Christmas sweaters in your company store, consider donating a portion of the sales to a great cause in your community. This may encourage more employees to purchase a sweater. Not only do they get something fun and cozy to wear, but also they can help out an organization for the holidays. And, think about the great PR it can bring your business!

Love them or hate them, ugly Christmas sweaters are definitely a hot trend. Rather than having your employees wear just any ugly sweaters to work, have them wear YOUR ugly sweaters!