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        Gen Z Swag vs. Millennial Swag

        Collectively, Generation Z and millennials range from 10 years old to 41 years old. This is a HUGE market! Most likely, your products and services appeal to individuals in these age ranges, which means you need to find creative ways to connect with them. As we know, there is a big difference between someone who was born in the 1980s vs. in the 2000s.

        Gen Zers have grown up alongside the internet. More often than not, they were born with most modern technology already in existence. Meanwhile, millennials are those who started using technological advancements during the latter years of their life. While one group isn’t superior to the other, the difference in generations directly affects how they spend their money and what they spend it on.

        Let’s look at what makes Gen Zers and millennials tick and how to use branded swag to connect with these two distinct audiences.

        Millennial Marketing and Swag

        Millennials crave a sense of purpose. They care more about experiences than ‘things’. Due to this way of thinking, millennials prefer to purchase products from brands they identify with. You’ll have to work harder to capture a millennial customer, but once you do, you’re likely to enjoy continued brand loyalty.

        In terms of swag, millennials don’t just want another pen or notepad. They thrive on experiences and how brands make them feel. Some of the most popular promotional items for millennials are:

        • Reusable totes: As millennials focus on meaningful encounters, reusable products like tote bags appeal to them. They can use these products for their shopping and other day-to-day errands. On the environmental side, tote bags are better than plastics, cutting back on waste.
        • Power banks: Practical products like power banks have an impressive impact on millennials. They can use this swag to ensure their phones are charged enough to carry out daily activities and stay connected to friends and family.
        • Comfy T-shirts and hoodies: Millennials can serve as excellent brand advocates when you offer them branded apparel. Clothing with vintage or nostalgic designs is especially popular among this generation, so consider that when creating your marketing products.
        • Tumblers and water bottles: For on-the-go hydration, these products easily captivate people on the millennial side. And since water is a daily essential, promotional tumblers and water bottles effectively serve as walking billboards. People can bring these portable containers anywhere. In return, your brand gets more exposure.
        • Socks: Colorful, quirky — you name it! Socks are practical items that millennials love. Plus, these products are great PR tools for social media. And since branded socks are versatile and highly customizable, this swag helps capture your brand image better.
        • Home improvement items: More and more millennials are finding joy in DIY projects. If your brand favors tasks involving physical work, offering custom flashlights, tape measures and other multi-tools can be a useful investment to expand your reach.

        Generation Z Marketing and Swag

        Moving onto Gen Z, this audience is growing up, with the oldest of the bunch already in their mid-20s! Social media and the internet have been a staple in their lives, so they’re even harder to engage than millennials.

        Gen Zers do share some similarities with millennials. For example, they like brands with a purpose and they respond well to altruistic, green and value-driven campaigns.

        However, Gen Zers shop online more than millennials and they are less persuaded by discounts and online ads. Instead, they’re more likely to purchase products that are practical or valuable in their lives — not just ones that are a good deal.

        Popular branded swag items for Generation Z include:

        • Phone accessories: Go for chargers, PopSockets and special camera lenses if your target audience is Gen Z. These individuals prefer practicality combined with style, and they will appreciate products involving their phones.
        • Eco-friendly products: Bamboo pens, compostable silverware, recycled journal books and eco bracelets are other custom merchandise that may appeal to this generation. Gen Zers have strong values for sustainability because they are growing up in an era of technological advancements and climate change.
        • Smart tech products: Just like millennials, Gen Zers favor tech products, but they may favor more practical products. Consider offering options like Bluetooth speakers and portable video lights. These products are both functional and great status symbols.
        • Inclusive, unisex clothing: Inclusion and diversity also impact decision-making among Gen Z shoppers. As a result, versatile items like beanies and T-shirts are widely suitable for their preferences and values.
        • Patches and pins: Customized pins and patches are another option that fits the Gen Z swag. These products are designed to show off individuality, which highly relates to most Gen Zers who dare to be different.
        • Travel items: Gen Zers often consider travel as part of their lifestyle. As avid explorers, this audience will appreciate you providing travel items as part of your swag.

        Choose From Our Custom Swag for All Generations

        Millennials and Gen Zers have some things in common, but they are their own distinct audiences. When choosing swag for your customers, be sure to keep these factors in mind. The good news is that branded swag appeals to both generations, as it builds meaningful connections that will outshine your competitors.

        If you’re looking for swag merchandise that fits a certain generation or any era, Inkwell Global Marketing is here to help. You can request more info about our products and find the most suitable items for your audience today.

        choose from our custom swag for all generations

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