Be Memorable.

Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Think company swag is just for building brand awareness and brand reputation? Swag promotional items also serve as valuable sales tools. To be effective, you’ll need to choose high-quality products that your audience will find valuable. Ideally, these items should be “sticky” and stay with your customers for a long time.

When done right, company swag can drive sales and revenue for your business. Let’s explore the different ways that branded swag can help your business grow.

Increase Qualified Leads

In order to close more sales, you need to fill your sales funnel with qualified leads. Marketers often focus on landing pages, ads and A/B testing, but branded merchandise works well, too. Once you have more leads in your funnel, you can nurture them and increase sales over time.

To make this strategy work, choose high-quality corporate swag that resonates with your audience. For example, if you’re looking to increase gym memberships, a moisture-wicking t-shirt or reusable water bottle makes a great gift.

Close More Sales

Company swag is often used at the bottom of the funnel, but it can also work well at the top. Think about the times you nurtured leads but they did not convert. Maybe you never found out why – the customer just stopped answering your emails or phone calls.

To increase your chances of closing a sale, send prospects corporate swag to keep your brand front and center. They’ll have a reason to follow up with you and be motivated to take action.

Be sure to choose a high quality product for this purpose, such as a branded sweatshirt or a customer welcome kit. Not only are you trying to close the sale, but also you want to show prospects that you offer quality products and service.

Reward Customers and Boost Retention

It can be five times more expensive to find a new customer than retain an existing one. Plus, returning customers often spend more than new customers. So, it makes sense to reward customers and boost retention.

One of the best ways to retain customers is by rewarding them for taking certain actions. As a result for completing the action, customers receive merchandise giveaways like branded stickers, notebooks, water bottles or decals. The more actions your customers take, the more you can reward them. This goes a long way in making customers feel special.

Increase Revenue with Company Swag from Inkwell USA

Inkwell USA has a complete line of branded merchandise and promotional products that can be personalized with your company name, logo or slogan. We can also put together customer welcome kits or appreciation gifts for top clients. To learn more about increasing sales through our memorable promo items, contact us today.