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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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What is Corporate Swag?

Corporate swag is the positive image of your brand that you create among your employees, as well as prospective and existing customers through promotional products and branded merchandise.

What Are the Types of Corporate Swag?

There are two main types of corporate swag that assist in building pride for your brand.

What is Team Swag?

Corporate Swag
Team SwagPromotional Swag

Team swag refers to giveaways that companies provide their employees, with the aim of spreading brand pride. High quality and creative giveaways tend to create goodwill and gratitude among employees. They have shown to increase company loyalty, which in turn increase employee retention rates.

What Can a Company Achieve Through Team Swag?

By providing trendy and engaging team swag, a company can:

  • Increase brand pride
  • Boost overall employee morale
  • Promote company culture
  • Achieve collective celebration of company achievements
  • Unite diverse teams that need to collaborate
  • Increase employee retention rates

What is Promotional Swag?

Promotional swag comprises of giveaways to prospective and existing customers, with the aim of inspiring positive views about the brand. Such products are branded with your company logo and may include the corporate slogan. These freebies contribute significantly to a company’s marketing and sales efforts.

What is the Impact of Promotional Swag?

According to a survey conducted by leading social intelligence firm Brandwatch:

  • Over 50% of people said that their impression of a brand improved after receiving promotional swag. Almost 70% of people said that they were likely to become repeat customers for companies that gave them corporate swag.
  • Many of those surveyed could remember when and where they received corporate swag.
  • As high as 94% said that they would not forget a company that gave them an interesting giveaway.

What Are the Overall Benefits of Corporate Swag?

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Improvement in Brand Recall
  • Higher Customer Loyalty
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Cost Effective Marketing
  • Differentiation from Competition
  • Increase Leads
  • Generate Sales

How Does Corporate Swag Lead to Sales?

Customer receives corporate swag and learns more about the brand
When a customer sees the company’s product or an online ad, they recall the brand
Their interest in the product increases
Their emotional attachment with the purchase increases
They purchase the product

What are Some Tips for improving Corporate Swag?

Keep It SimpleMake Quality a Priority
Go By Popular OpinionPlan Early

How to Keep It Simple?

Overly complicated designs tend to confuse the brand messaging. Also, corporate swag is meant for a wider distribution and needs to appeal to people from diverse backgrounds. A simple design, created with sophistication, is often more appealing to a wider section of people.

Some tips for designing promotional swag:

  • Clear logos printed in the center of small objects
  • Using too many colors increases the cost, while making the product look less chic

How to Make Quality a Priority?

Quality giveaways are more likely to be used, which not only improves brand image but also increases visibility of your brand.

Using poor quality material for making promotional gifts can lead to:

  • Degradation of Brand Image
  • Waste of Money
  • Damage to the Environment

Why Go by Popular Opinion?

Keep a track of trending gifting ideas. This will give you an edge when creating corporate swag. Thorough research of consumer and employee behavior can help to:

  • Increase in the company’s footprint in the market
  • Motivate employees to perform better
  • Increase trust in the company
  • Convert prospects into long-term customers

What’s the Benefit of Early Planning?

Choose a reputed company to design and create your corporate swag. Contact them at least three months before you intend on distributing the promotional products. This will give you enough time to seek their advice and select the most appropriate options.