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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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Businesses have been handing out branded merchandise like pens, water bottles and flashlights for decades. Promotional products continue to be an important part of advertising, but they’re not limited to offline campaigns only. In fact, having a company store is an effective way to enhance your digital footprint while getting your branded merchandise out to more people.

Let’s learn more about company stores, the benefits to having one and how they can strengthen your digital presence.

How a Company Web Store Works

A company store gives employees, suppliers, franchisers, vendors and more access to  your branded swag in an easy, efficient manner. Let’s say that an employee wants to buy a few items with your name on it. With a company store, they can order the clothing in the sizes and colors they want. They can refresh their supplies with notepads, pens and staplers directly from the store as well.

Your company web store is convenient for you, too. Your company has complete control over your promotional merchandise. Choose from thousands of products that you feel support your program. To encourage people to shop on your company store, it helps to offer a rebate program. There is no loss to you, as the rebate money goes back into your store.

How Web Stores Enhance Your Digital Presence

Your digital footprint consists of the digital activities that you do online. Each brand’s digital footprint is unique, and yours is too! Here are a few of the ways that creating a company web store can boost your online presence.

l  It’s always open. Your company web store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People can shop and place an order when it’s convenient for them.

l  Strengthen ties with employees. Employees who wear corporate apparel tend to identify with their company. This encourages them to represent your company well both online and offline.

l  Promote social media campaigns. You can include social buttons on your company store that motivates employees to share what they bought.

l  Build a consistent image. Having control over your corporate apparel ensures that your logo is consistent. This makes your company look more professional and established.

l  Develop brand advocates. People who are proud to wear clothes with your name on it will vouch for your products and services. Having a company store develops brand advocates who can share information online.

If you think that a company web store can benefit your business, call Inkwell Global Marketing. We’ll handle all the details, including the warehousing and merchandise, while you focus on growing your business both online and offline.