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An e-company store is an e-commerce solution that lets employees, customers and distributors purchase branded apparel, accessories and work uniforms from a single platform. It’s an excellent solution that can save your company time, money and resources. If you are not taking advantage of a company store at this time, you might want to reconsider. 

Let’s learn more about what an e-company store is and whether or not your company really needs one. 

What is the Purpose of Having an E-Company Store?

A company store is an online marketplace where you can sell your branded products, including work uniforms, corporate apparel, promotional products and swag. Employees, customers and distributors can all shop at your site when they want or need branded merchandise. 

You do have full control over what products and apparel are sold in the store, and you can add and remove items as you see fit. This ensures that everything available to employees and customers has been approved by you. Once orders are placed, a company like Inkwell Global Marketing will handle the details. We manage products, fulfill orders and ship to anywhere in the world. 

Does Your Company Need an Online Store? 

Whether or not you need an e-company store is based on your needs and objectives. Here are some questions to think about that can help you make the best decision for your business. 

  • Do you have trouble controlling branding? Logoed products are often ordered by a number of departments, which can lead to inconsistent branding. Creating an online store makes it easy for everyone to order from the same place, keeping all artwork consistent. 
  • Are you looking to save costs? When you have an e-company store, you can purchase what you want and avoid the need to purchase in bulk. For example, if you are running an incentive program, you can purchase a single jacket for an employee. 
  • Do you want employees to order merchandise on their own? It’s extremely helpful when departments can order their own swag. You don’t have to worry about approving orders, verifying branding or reaching a certain inventory limit. This frees up time for everyone. 
  • Are you trying to shorten production times? It can take a long time to order merchandise under normal circumstances. When you have your own online store, production times are much shorter. Most orders ship within 24 hours! 

So, is a company store worth it for your business? You be the judge! All we can say is that more and more businesses are opting for their own e-commerce solutions to build strong, independent businesses.