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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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One of the most exciting parts about fundraising events is handing out free items. It’s these small moments that connect brands to their customers. But, are all promotional products created equal? Are people just as excited to receive a pen as they are a pair of earbuds? Well, you be the judge.

There’s no doubt about it – some promotional products are more effective than others. Always consider your audience and the products they will find useful and relevant. In general, the most effective promo items can be found below.

Branded Apparel

Anything that can be worn – shirts, hoodies, polos, hats, etc. are worth your advertising dollars. People are genuinely happy to receive these items because they are comfortable and practical. And, if the swag is being worn, it means your brand is getting noticed. If possible, match the branded apparel to the season and event. Hats, t-shirts and sunglasses are great for summer days. Sweatshirts, ponchos and hoodies are most valued in the fall and winter.

Backpacks and Tote Bags

Seriously. These are some of the best items around. People of all ages use backpacks and tote bags to lug around their stuff. The most important features to look for include durability, practicality and comfort. Drawstring bags are cheapest but get the job done. To ensure that your bags are taken everywhere, up your game and consider bags with built-in coolers or computer compartments.


Look around and you’ll see people carrying water bottles, coffee mugs, steel tumblers and others. People drink coffee, tea and flavored drinks throughout the day to keep hydrated and prevent afternoon fatigue. Imagine all the places where your branded drinkware can go! Stadium cups are inexpensive, lightweight and available in numerous colors. Other great options that will make it to the morning train, the office and the gym are stainless steel bottles, aluminum sports bottles and fusion bottles.

Electronic Accessories

Everyone loves their electronics – and accessories make them better! Some of the most popular accessories include charging cables, power banks, portable speakers and earbuds. These are all great items that are destined to be used on the go. That’s what they’re for! And, when in doubt, consider the super-popular, never-fail selfie stick!

After working with promotional products for so long, it’s hard to say that any one item is better than another. It all comes down to how relevant the product is to your business, if your audience will find it useful and how much you want to spend. That said, the merchandise listed above tends to be most effective. When in doubt, choose from our list above.