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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

OR CALL (800) 437-8518

Want to build brand awareness – quietly? It’s not always wise to shout your brand name from the tops of mountains. Sometimes, it’s better to be sneaky about reaching a wider audience. Other brands have done it, and they’ve been so successful, they’ve actually replaced generic terms. For example, when you want something to drink, do you ask for cola or Coke? When you need to blow your nose, do you ask for a tissue or Kleenex? These are examples of proprietary eponyms.

Thinking about Coca-Cola or Kleenex, how do you think these brands got their products to be so popular? By using subtle strategies. While you may not become quite as well-known as these big giant companies, you can pull off the same results within a smaller audience. Let’s review some of the ways that you can secretly build brand awareness.


Strengthen Local Partnerships

It’s never a bad idea to partner with local businesses and organizations. Even though we’re living in a digital age, there is no substitute for having secure relationships in your local community. Participate in seminars or seasonal festivals. Donate to charity events. Hand out branded promotional items that your audiences will find valuable. These are all ways to build brand awareness for yourself and the other company, and vice versa.


Create a Referral Program

An easy way to get people talking about your brand is by offering a referral program. It’s a win-win for you and your customer. You get a referral and they get something in return. Whether it’s an extended trial, a free product or a promotional item, be clear about what your customer can expect. And, don’t forget to offer the referral some type of discount as well! You want to make a good first impression.


Make and Distribute an Infographic

People love infographics. They contain just the right amount of information in consumable bites. Because people enjoy reading infographics, they’re more likely to be shared, reaching a wider audience than a typical blog post. Plus, infographics can be repurposed into other content, allowing you to reach even more people. We recommend having one professionally done so you can proudly share it on all your channels!


Hand Out Freebie Items

What do people love more than referral programs and infographics? Free items, of course! Print your name on popular promotional materials such as pens, water bottles, reusable shopping bags, and shirts. You can hand these items out at festivals, open houses, sidewalk sales, and more. Aside from the visibility that promotional products create, it’s a nice gesture to give your customers something to remember you by.


Run Social Media Contests

Contests tend to get a good response from people because they have an opportunity to win something. Many companies offer their product or service as the prize, but you may want to try something different. For example, you can pick three winners, and the grand prize winner will take home a gift basket containing high-end branded swag such as an embroidered sweatshirt or golf bag.


Sometimes, it’s worth being obvious about your efforts to spread awareness. Other times, it’s best to sneak your brand in. By being subtle and savvy, you can continue growing your brand and generating new business without being overbearing.