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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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There’s nothing quite like summer. With vacation schedules and shorter days at the office, the workplace takes on a different vibe. It’s a much-needed break, especially before going into the hectic fall months. Don’t let your brand fall off the radar. Keep your products and services front and center with useful corporate swag items.

Looking for ideas on popular branded swag? We’ve got you covered. Check out our bestsellers for summer 2019 and make your brand pop. 

Totes and Drawstring Bags

Any type of reusable bag is a great pick for summer swag. People tend to be on the go in the summertime, visiting beaches, farmer’s markets, amusement parks, barbecues, festivals and more. Tote bags and drawstring bags are lightweight and easy to bring along. Plus, many are waterproof, which comes in handy if an unexpected rainstorm passes through. 

Water Bottles 

Being in the sun all day makes people thirstier than usual, so it’s a good idea to have water on hand. Giving away water bottles is a smart idea because you can expect your brand to show up at zoos, sporting events and summer camps. Plus, there are so many options to choose from to meet your audience’s needs, such as stainless steel bottles, aluminum bottles, infuser bottles, and flip straw bottles. 

Folding Chairs 

Folding chairs come in handy for all types of summer activities like going to the beach, attending baseball games and tailgating at concerts. Again, imagine the many places where your brand can show up and attract attention from others. When choosing portable chairs for your corporate swag, keep comfort and functionality in mind. We recommend sturdy chairs with mesh materials and a cup holder. 

Portable Fans 

Never underestimate what a portable fan can do on a hot summer day. When it is extremely sunny, having something to cool you down from the heat is essential for anyone to enjoy normal summer days. Whether sitting by the pool or picnicking at a park, a portable fan offers immediate comfort. These mini fans are available in many colors and run off batteries or hand movements. You can opt for other features as well, such as water misting or LED lighting. 

Picnic Items 

Picnic items make excellent corporate gifts. These are the types of accessories that people love to receive but usually, don’t buy for themselves. Some picnic bags will have your recipients feeling like royalty. They come on rolling wheels, equipped with a cooler, wine glasses, dishes and silverware – everything that is needed for a relaxing afternoon on the beach. You can also opt for individual accessories, such as picnic blankets, picnic baskets, bug zappers and flying discs or frisbees for fun. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on the summer months. Let your corporate branded merchandise swag stand out this summer!