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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

OR CALL (800) 437-8518

Digital marketing is a great way to get people familiar with your products and services, but it is offline interactions that can change the course for conversions and sales. If you’re not sure that promotional products are the right investment for your business, consider the many ways that this branded merchandise can make or break the success of your company.

Boost Offline Exposure

Connecting online with your audience is important. Connecting offline with them is, too. In a sense, you’re closing the gap. Social media, content marketing, paid ads, etc. are effective at getting people acquainted with your brand. However, it’s seeing your logo in real life that can make the difference. Without this offline exposure, people might forget about you.

For maximum impact, hand out functional items as opposed to those that are inexpensive or just look cool. It’s hard for people to turn down something they can actually use. Plus, it tends to be these thoughtful, practical items, there at the right time, that turn people into loyal brand advocates.

Build Trust Before Sales

People like working with companies that are genuine and honest. You can build trust online, but sometimes it’s not until you place something tangible into the hands of a customer that a true connection is made.

Promotional items speak to customers. They demonstrate that you care about them as people and understand their needs. Again, be sure to choose products that are practical and relevant. You want to show customers that you put thought into the item and can anticipate their needs. If you give them something irrelevant, it can send the message that you don’t understand them.

Increase ROI

Promotional products offer an excellent return on investment. If you rely strictly on digital marketing, you may run through your budget without making an impact on customers. To maximize your investment, it’s important to hand out the right products, at the right time, to the right people. Classic marketing.

Reasons why branded merchandise is worthwhile include portability, practicality and visibility. People love free stuff, after all. Once they place eyes on your products, they’ll want to learn more. Without these tactile items, you may fall short on your business goals.


As popular as digital marketing is, promotional product marketing is alive and well. By handing out branded swag, you can effectively reach a wider audience, form positive associations and increase conversions and sales. When you consider how much you pay to show an ad to a customer, placing a tangible item in their hands for a fraction of the cost doesn’t sound so bad!