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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Finding the perfect corporate swag for your employees can be an intimidating task. A simple t-shirt or jacket is more than just something to wear, after all. It can increase brand awareness, represent brand unity and give off a professional image. At the same time, your apparel should be comfortable and trendy so that your employees want to wear it!

To help you pick out the best swag for your business, here are some important do’s and don’ts to follow. And if you’re still stuck, reach out to Inkwell for some suggestions and insight. We work with brands daily to help them find the best corporate apparel for their needs.

Corporate Swag Do’s

Branded apparel can help you stand out for all the right reasons, but you need to be thoughtful about the items you pick out. Here are some important do’s to follow:

  • DO choose comfortable, practical clothing. Does your company have a strict dress code? Offer your employees some cozy polos to make it easier to follow the rules. If you have a flexible dress code, consider items your employees will wear such as performance hoodies or soft shell jackets.
  • DO select colors that match your brand. A huge benefit to custom branded apparel is that you can choose colors that align with your brand colors. What a great way to show your individualism and professionalism! You can also use different colors to distinguish between management and employees.
  • DO offer your apparel on a company store. Inkwell can help you build an e-company store where your employees can shop for branded apparel on their own. Employees appreciate having the freedom to pick out the things they want, and you can reward them with points to put toward their purchases.

Corporate Swag Don’ts

As long as you keep comfort, practicality and quality in mind, you should have no trouble finding some great items for your employees! But there are some things you’ll want to watch for. Below are a few don’ts to keep in mind:

  • DON’T skimp on quality. Branded swag should make it easier to pick something out and feel good about it! If you choose low quality fabrics, your apparel won’t last long and employees will be back to shopping on their own. Work with a company like Inkwell that carries name-brand clothing and premium materials.
  • DON’T be afraid to offer variety. There’s no reason to limit your employees to plain tees and polos. Offer them a wide range of corporate clothing like long sleeve tees, half-zip and full-zip sweaters and puffer jackets. The more options your employees have, the more likely they’ll be to wear your name around town!

Whether you’re looking to pick our corporate swag for your employees, build a company store or both, Inkwell can help! Contact us today and let’s get your workplace looking and feeling its best!