Be Memorable.

Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, virtual events have become the new normal for businesses. This alternative has offered as much value in 2020 as in-person events had done so far. Online exhibitions, trade shows and conferences save time and offer the opportunity to connect attendees from across the globe. Video conferencing has a promising future in making the experience collaborative and productive. But no matter how fast technology is advancing, it cannot replace the physical connection.

Therefore, marketers still recommend investing in high quality and relevant promotional merchandise for partners, attendees and sponsors of corporate events. They can boost your brand exposure, build trust before sales and increase ROI, according to an article by Inkwell Global Marketing. But among a hundred other questions, you might start wondering which products to pick. So, if you have your custom boxes ready, below are some products that are likely to prove effective in 2021.


Taking notes and maintaining them during and after meetings might get disorganized without notebooks. Therefore, make sure to include a hard cover branded diary and get your brand logo, event motto or a company phrase printed on it, according to an article by Delta Marketing. It will keep you on the forefront of your customer’s mind, capture the essence of the brand and help in building strong relationships.

Water Bottles

This is one of the most functional and long-lasting items. To create a stellar impression, pick glass bottles instead of plastic ones. Sending sustainable items is an effective way to let people know that you are environment conscious. In fact, you can send in drinkware for every requirement, from tumblers to flasks and insulated travel mugs. Use the closest color that represents your brand well.

Food Baskets

When it comes to swag, don’t underestimate the power of food. A classic gourmet gift hamper can help in building and sustaining relationships, while creating a lasting impression, according to an article by Oprah Magazine. Before picking a curated set, consider including safe snack options. These can include flavored popcorn, tea-time cookies, simple syrups and a variety of nuts. They are less likely to lead to allergies and attendees would be excited to receive them.


These are the most thoughtful gifts these days. It helps people keep their mobile devices up and running, regardless of where they might be. In fact, they can also attend your meeting on the go with a powerbank handy. Make sure it is lightweight and has multiple ports to support laptops, mobiles and tablets.

Create a budget by keeping the delivery charges in mind. Further, research your audience, learn more about the specific industry and plan ahead for a successful giveaway experience.