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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


When it comes to standing out, Inkwell is one of the top promotional marketing companies to make this happen. With offices in the U.S. and China, the company offers a comprehensive branded merchandise program that includes in-house graphic design, production and fulfillment, product manufacturing and company e-stores. Everything a brand needs to make a statement and generate buzz can be found under one roof.

With a new year upon us, Inkwell is excited to announce the creation of a custom dashboard for new and existing clients. The dashboard will be accessible from the backend of the Inkwell website and offer a slew of new features like viewing inventory and reordering products. This is just one example of how Inkwell allows clients to be actively involved in their promotional marketing campaigns.

What to Expect from the New Custom Dashboard Feature?

The main purpose of the new custom dashboard is to allow Inkwell’s clients to view their SwagPack orders in real time. This way, they can see what they have in their inventory so they don’t run out unexpectedly or order more than they need. To access this dashboard, clients will receive a login and password, as well as a dedicated account rep.

Inkwell clients will also be able to reorder similar SwagPacks through their account rep, view details from orders that have already been placed and send out SwagPacks from their inventory to people on their contact list.

And, once a new SwagPack is ordered, this will show up under the My Orders tab. This lets clients keep an eye on their orders once shipped. Inkwell customer reps will keep this information up to date by adding the available tracking information once received.

Where to Find More Information on Inkwell’s Custom Dashboard?

For clients that would like the option to reorder SwagPacks as needed, send packs to multiple contacts, keep track of inventory and stay up to date on tracking information, they’ll find plenty of value in the new dashboard feature.

The custom dashboard is currently in the works and not set to release just yet, so stay tuned for future information. In the meantime, clients can keep an eye on the company’s homepage. Soon, they will be able to schedule a demo and book a time to speak with a representative via Calendly.