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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Doctors and nurses have to juggle a lot of responsibilities each day. They’re responsible for treating patients’ health concerns, staying organized and efficient and communicating regularly with other healthcare professionals. Needless to say, doctors and nurses should be appreciated every day! It takes a special person to be a doctor or nurse!

A great way to celebrate doctors and nurses is by surprising them with meaningful and useful items they can use while working. Here at Inkwell, we have a wide selection of appreciation gifts for people working in the medical field. Check out some promotional product recommendations below!

Personalized Coffee Cups

Doctors and nurses often work long shifts on their feet. Fortunately, a hot cup of coffee can keep them going. That’s why personalized coffee cups, tumblers and mugs make an excellent gift for medical professionals. They can walk around sipping their freshly brewed coffee throughout the day and cut down on paper waste.

Backpacks and Totes

Backpacks, cinch bags, duffle bags, etc. all make great swag for doctors and nurses. These personalized totes can be used to transport things back and forth, such as an extra pair of scrubs, a change of clothes, snacks and bottled water. And because many doctors and nurses work at multiple healthcare centers, personalized totes will help them stay organized.

Stethoscope ID Tags

Stethoscope ID tags are designed to easily clip onto the rubber tubing of the stethoscope. They come in various colors and leave plenty of room for personalization. Inkwell also carries stethoscope pens and styluses. Nurses love keeping these products in their pockets!

Hand Sanitizer

You can’t go wrong with hand sanitizer – especially during a pandemic! Inkwell carries a huge selection of hand sanitizers, but our favorite for the medical field is our Uniform Hand Sanitizer, available in five different styles. What a fun and practical way to show doctors and nurses that you appreciate them!

Aromatherapy Essentials

Working in the medical field can be stressful, which is why doctors and nurses often appreciate receiving aromatherapy products. You can choose an aromatherapy swag kit that includes a diffuser and essential oils, or you can show your appreciation with an aromatherapy sleep mask or candle.

Stress Balls

Stress balls aren’t just for kids – they come in handy for healthcare professionals, too. There are many types of stress balls and stress relievers you can choose from, though our recommendation is the Smilin’ Doctor Stress Reliever available in female and male molds. Nurses and doctors can tuck them into their pockets and use them when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Shop Appreciation Gifts for Healthcare Workers

If you’re ready to choose merchandise for a healthcare worker, contact Inkwell today. We have tons of products available for doctors and nurses – and we know which items are most likely to put a smile on their faces! A little appreciation goes a long way in this industry!