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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Looking for cool, out-of-box swag ideas to impress a college audience? Inkwell USA has you covered! We know the Gen Z audience can be tricky at times because their expectations are high, but they are also impressed by brands that take the time to build authentic, genuine relationships offline. This is where branded swag comes in handy.

Below are the top promotional items for college students. Hand them out at orientations, open houses, award nights and more. Or, mail these items to students who attend a virtual event. They’ll be grateful to receive a token of appreciation in the mail.

Custom Totes and Backpacks

College students need totes and backpacks to lug around their books, laptops and other supplies. Not only are backpacks useful and versatile, but also they’ll get your brand noticed all over campus. We do recommend purchasing high quality backpacks to send the right message to your audience. A backpack that falls apart won’t do your brand any justice.

Hand Sanitizers

Showing your concern for students’ health and safety is a great way to stand out. Inkwell USA sells a wide assortment of hand sanitizers in bottles, pens and pumps. College students tend to prefer hand sanitizers with a carabiner clip so they can attach it to their backpack. Or start them out with the Fresh Start Kit from Inkwell that includes a USA-made face cloth, mint tin, antibacterial bottle and clear tote.

Bluetooth Portable Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a welcome gift to any college student! Most kids don’t come to school with speakers (except for the ones on their phones and computers), so it’s fun to have a small set for times when they want to turn up the music or listen to their favorite podcast. Inkwell USA sells a wide range of portable speakers that come in different colors and sizes.

Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth speakers are great for the dorms, but when walking to class, college students prefer the convenience and portability of earbuds. Gen Zs prefer wireless earbuds because they are stylish, portable and hands-free. To make them even more valuable, choose a set of earbuds that’s accompanied by a handy case or carabiner clip.

Tumblers and Sport Bottles

Water bottles and tumblers have always been a hit among college students. They tuck these bottles into their backpacks to keep hydrated during the day. But these bottles don’t last forever, so give your prospects brand new water bottles. Choose a quality design, such as the elleven Leak Proof Copper Vacuum Tumbler that features a stainless steel construction and durable powder coating. 

Ready to order branded swag for your college audience? Contact Inkwell USA today! We can help you choose the best products that will get your brand noticed on college campuses this fall.