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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

2018 was a big year for branded merchandise. More companies are realizing the importance of multichannel marketing, or the blending of multiple channels for marketing. Both an online and offline presence are vital and can be used to support each other. We suppose we can’t be surprised by the fact that the promotional products industry consists of 37,661 companies, 510,032 industry jobs and more than $20.81 billion in revenue each year, can we?

Before we say hello to 2019, let’s recap what the best in custom branded merchandise was in 2018.

Wireless Earbuds

When Apple removed the earphone plug on the most recent iPhones, we knew that wireless earbuds would be the future. Earbuds have been a popular branded accessory for quite some time because they are lightweight, relevant and easy to bring along to trade shows. Wireless earbuds share the same advantages, and they keep in line with emerging trends.

Bluetooth Tracker

Another cool technology gadget is a bluetooth tracker. Bluetooth tracking devices are used to find items that you may have misplaced, and they can alert you if something important is moving away. Some of the items that these small trackers are used for include laptops, car keys and wallets, though we’re sure you can think of plenty of things!

Power Banks

Power banks are a great branded gift for an audience that is on the go. Power banks provide backup power in case your smartphone or tablet runs out of battery. The Ring Series Mobile Power Bank features a wrist strap, charging indicator light and micro USB cable. It also comes in many fun colors such as Gunmetal and Lime.

Tote Bags

People love tote bags. They’re useful and can be brought along to the park, work, school, gym, etc. Tote bags are found in endless colors, styles and designs. Some of the most popular include insulated bags, Chevron prints and soft-woven grocery totes. Accessory bags are loved by brands, too, because they are economical, easy to transport and provide a large space for branding.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are popping up everywhere because they are a calming and relaxing activity. Brands that promote health and wellbeing find coloring books to be a valuable promotional tool for their audience. These intricate coloring designs can also be found on planners and journals. For a boost, some brands throw in a pack of branded gel pens or crayons.

Virtual Reality Headsets

As virtual reality becomes more mainstream, and new apps and games are developed, more people will take an interest in VR headsets. The V-Box Virtual Reality Viewer puts VR technology into the hands of all brands. Under $5 a peice, these viewers have a silicone viewer that can be expanded and are available in several colors.

We can definitely see that there is a trend in the best custom branded merchandise – technology. If you have an audience that uses technology, you can’t go wrong with something off this list. We look forward to seeing what 2019 will bring us!