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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

OR CALL (800) 437-8518

Did you know that some of your best brand advocates are right under your nose? That’s right! Your employees and company web stores are some of the most effective tools you have. Consider that your team members are the ones who promote your products and services, while branded swag gets your name in front of the right people. Together, they can work wonders!

If your business needs a promotional boost, don’t assume that you need to reorganize your budget. Here are some of the reasons why employees and company web stores are the best brand advocates you have!

They’re Cost Effective

It’s not cheap to advertise, and not all campaigns are successful. Fortunately, employee engagement doesn’t come with a high price tag. You will, however, need to guide employees on how to create stories that will benefit the company. For example, you can highlight a team outing (with everyone wearing their branded merchandise!) or launch a “21 Days of…” campaign.

While all employees should be encouraged to promote your company, it’s best to work with those who are already active on social media.

They’re Trustworthy

Paid advertisements are not as genuine as online reviews and recommendations from real people. Rather than relying solely on influencers to share information about your business, reach out to your team members. Your staff has friends and followers that trust what they have to say and will take their feedback seriously.

Don’t forget to incorporate promotional materials into the reviews. Wearing a branded shirt or featuring promo items in the background will help your brand stand out.

They’re Transparent

People like doing business with companies that are genuine and honest. Having an active presence on social media can help build an image, but people know that this image can be skewed. The best way to show transparency is by including real people and real products in your marketing. Your employees are best because they know your business and have personal stories to share. This fosters trust and builds stronger connections with potential buyers.

They’re Unique

The CEO of the company has something different to say than the customer sales reps. The design team faces unique challenges compared to the finance team. All of the parts of your business are like branches that belong to a larger tree. Encourage your employees to share their roles and the relationships they have with the business. This will lead to more genuine and diverse online discussions.

The Power in Using Both Employees and Web Stores

Getting your brand to stand out can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. There is a lot of noise and distraction. You must be effective at driving through this noise with engaging, authentic content. Fortunately, you have employees who are happy to support your goals and values as well as branded merchandise to get your name front and center. By utilizing both, you can be most effective at generating brand awareness.