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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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The New Year represents a time for change. What happened last year can be put in the past. The New Year is a fresh start where you can do anything or be anything; the same is true for your brand.

If you don’t do anything different with your brand, it’s bound to get less interesting. Sometimes, you can make small adjustments to keep your brand current. Other times, a revival is needed. If you feel that your image is struggling, reinventing your brand strategy may be in the works.

Every Brand Strategy Needs Reinvention

Brands reinvent themselves all the time. They have to. Consider Walmart. As this article in AdAge puts it, Walmart is a “radically different and far more progressive company than the one that entered the year.” Even if you haven’t recently stepped foot in a Walmart, you’ve likely seen the dozens of commercials that have a fresh new appeal to them. They’re relatable and human.

Walmart has also done a great job of expanding their services to beat out competitors like Amazon. There are thousands of products that can be ordered online and delivered for free. There’s also a convenient Store Pick Up program, with some items being ready in just a few short hours.

Reasons for Revamping Your Brand Strategy

If the big box stores are doing it, you know your company has to as well. Here are a few motivations for refreshing your brand strategy in 2018.

Sell More to a Highly Targeted Audience

You don’t want to waste time and money on people who won’t convert. Narrow down your target market further. If you sell weight loss shakes to busy people, narrow this down to busy moms. This makes your brand messaging more distinct, getting it in front of the right customers.

Control Your Own Media

You have the tools to be your own media, so use them to your advantage. You can create a slideshare presentation, send text message alerts with upcoming sales, and run contests on your social media pages. Don’t forget the importance of offline marketing, too. Round out your strategy by offering hot, new promotional items.

Manage Your Brand Reputation

Take some time to review what others are saying about you online. If customer reviews aren’t favorable, it’s time to revamp your strategy. Perhaps your product has improved – send out samples to brand influencers. Make appearances at trade shows. Show customers that you are back and you are better!

Add a Human Element

Think of your company as a human being who cares about others and wants to make a difference. Use language that is genuine and relatable. These elements are easiest to add during a redesign, just as Walmart has successfully done over the past year.


With a New Year on the horizon, you don’t need an excuse to reinvent your brand strategy. Embrace the trends and take your company to its full potential both online and offline.