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It’s (almost!) summer. Do you know where your brand is? It should be at the beach!

Businesses and organizations are always looking for new and creative ways to get their brand noticed, but sometimes, the most simple efforts are the most rewarded. If you want people thinking and talking about your brand, you need to be where your audience is – the beach!

Your Customers are Headed to the Coast

For much of the United States, spending time at the beach is something that only happens in the summer. The temperatures are warm, the water has thawed out and beachfront restaurants are back in business. No wonder why people can literally spend all day off the coast.

The thing with the beach, though, is that it’s unexpected territory. (This is probably why beach people are rumored to be laidback.) Whether it’s wet, sticky sand, ants in your picnic lunch, or a nasty sunburn, every day at the beach is truly an adventure.

Imagine being able to think ahead for your customers and provide them with all the things they need for a successful trip to the beach. This is what great brands do, and this is how positive connections are formed. So, let’s get brainstorming!

Best Branded Swag to Have at the Beach this Summer

Below are some of the best branded swag ideas that will get your brand to the beach.

  • Sunglasses. People are always misplacing their sunglasses, so it’s nice to have several pairs. Consider your audience and the types of sunglasses they would want to wear. You can go with something simple and stylish, like a black or silver frame, or opt for something fun like color-changing sunglasses or bottle-opener sunglasses.
  • Portable speakers. Everyone loves listening to music at the beach, but they can’t exactly bring their home speakers with. That’s why portable speakers are a savvy promotional tool. You know they’re going places, so your brand is bound to get noticed near and far. Opt for beach-friendly bluetooth speakers in different colors.
  • Bottle openers. Have you ever been to a beach but couldn’t break open those tasty adult beverages? It’s frustrating to say the least, but those bottles aren’t getting open without an opener. Lucky for your customers, you already thought of them and supplied them with an opener. For added usefulness, purchase an opener on a keychain or flashlight.
  • Drink coolers. Nothing keeps food and drinks fresh like a cooler does. There are many options available, such as cooler bags, collapsible coolers, rolling coolers, custom insulated totes, and so much more. For your higher end clients, opt for a picnic basket with silverware, plates, and wine glasses.
  • Handheld fans. The beach gets hot, and not everyone loves a dip in the ocean water. That’s why handheld fans are the perfect companion when spending the day at the beach. They’re small and inexpensive but guaranteed to get your brand noticed. For added refreshment, choose a misting fan.
  • Beach chairs. Last on our list is beach chairs. We’re not talking just any folding chairs but the low-sling beach chairs that are perfect for spending a day in the sand. These low-rise seats are super comfortable and stay balanced in the sand. We recommend choosing chairs with arm rests and drink holders.

We hope these ideas have got you thinking about how you can move your brand to the beach this summer. Always consider your audience first and what they would find most useful for a day out.