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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

Looking to add some new corporate swag to your e-company store?

It’s important to continue offering new and relevant swag, as this is what keeps people coming back for more! Now with summer in full swing, you have the perfect excuse to stock your store with bright, feel-good products like sunglasses, flip flops and ceramic mugs. This is certainly a welcomed break from face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer!

Below you’ll find some of the best summer-themed corporate swag ideas to add to your e-company store.

Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mule mugs are made from copper and perfectly designed to serve the Moscow Mule cocktail – a famous blend of ginger beer, vodka and lime juice. It’s a refreshing summer drink, and the copper mug keeps it cool and insulated. Sell these stylish mugs in your company store with your logo etched on the front.

Foldable Picnic Blankets

Foldable picnic blankets are perfect for warm weather! You can roll one out when watching the fireworks, eating a picnic lunch at Cape May Park or spending the afternoon at a Jersey Shore beach. Available in different colors and textures, with nylon or fleece backing, foldable picnic blankets are sure to get your brand name noticed around town!

Water Mister Fans

Who doesn’t love a handy mister fan? These compact fans can be easily tucked into a beach bag or backpack to keep within reach on hot days. Your employees will be happy you thought of them – especially if they’re outdoors with no access to AC. Print your logo on these and watch the compliments come in.

Golf Balls and Tees

Golf is the perfect summer sport. Whether you’re planning a corporate golf outing or simply want to give the dads at your workplace a thoughtful Father’s Day gift, be sure to add golf balls and tees to your online web store. Print your company name on both for a complete set that’s sure to impress!

Backpack Cooler

If your employees enjoy spending the weekends outdoors, they’ll love seeing a wide selection of backpack coolers in your store. Some styles can be pricey, but you can reserve them for employee appreciation or milestone gifts. These backpacks have plenty of space to feature your logo and make a great first impression!

Lip Balm, Sun Sticks and Other Essentials

Make sure you add some practical summer swag to your store as well, such as keychain bottle openers, plastic sunglasses, sunsticks and lip balm. These inexpensive but necessary items show employees that you’re thinking ahead for them – and it won’t go unnoticed. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a case of beer that you can’t open!

Waterproof Cell Phone Case

We can’t forget waterproof pouches for phones – these handy gadgets keep cell phones safe from sand, water, etc. while allowing people to use their phones and snap photos. Inexpensive and easy to stock, you won’t have a problem selling these on your store. Consider rounding out your phone accessories by adding phone sanitizers as well – your employees will thank you!

If you’re interested in adding summer swag products to your company store, give Inkwell a call. We’ll be happy to get your store up to speed for the sunny summer season.