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In 2019, millennials overtook baby boomers as the biggest livinggeneration, with almost 73 million members, according to data provided by Pew Research Center. Millennials also are now the biggest segment of theworkforce today. So, to keep employees engaged and productive, company swag needsto target millennials and their interests.

Millennials, like all of the generations before them, have certain traitsthat make them stand apart. Some of the characteristics of millennials that definethe choice of company swag are:

1.    Sustainability

Millennials are highly concerned about global warming, climate changeand the environment, according to findings by Gallup. Millennials want products that are sustainable and donot harm the environment, according to experts at Inkwell Global Marketing. In fact, millennials are even willing to spend moreto get products that are sustainable. So, company swag that is a fit formillennials will need to be eco-friendly.

2.    Tech-Savvy

Millennials have grown up around technology and are known for their extensiveuse of gadgets. In fact, more than 93% of millennials in America owned asmartphone in 2019, according to information provided by Pew Research Center. Millennials are also more positive about the impactof the internet on their lives. So, anything tech-related is probably going to resonatewell with this generation.

CompanySwag Specifically for Millennials

Some company swag options that works great for millennials are:

1.    Phone Chargers

You must have heard that millennials are constantly on their phone andit is mostly true. They use their smartphones to listen to music, check emailsand staying updated on social media. With so much use, a charger always comesin handy. By giving a phone charger as swag, you are ensured of maximumexposure of your brand.

2.    Reusable Straws

Reusable straws are generally made by using metal, reducing the need ofplastic. Based on the convenience of the user, they can be collapsed as well asextended. They are bound to be a big hit among those concerned about theenvironment and single use plastics.

3.    Gift Bags

Another great option is gift bags made of jute or cotton. You can createa swag pack by putting other items inside them. These bags help users avoidplastic and give you enough surface area for all your branding.

Apart from these, power banks and reusable water bottles also work wellas company swag for millennials.