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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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Promotional marketing is when a special offer is used to raise a customer’s interest in a particular product or service or to make a company stand out against its competitors. What makes promotional marketing versatile is that it embraces both online and offline marketing strategies. It’s also consistently successful at driving sales and generating brand awareness. 

Now that we’ve crossed into 2020, the competition is stronger than ever. Here are the top promotional marketing trends to be aware of and why they should be part of a powerful marketing strategy. 

Wellness Promotional Products 

Wellness is a holistic view of the mind, body and spirit. It’s no longer reserved for health and fitness companies, as all types of consumers want to supersede living in health. This is why more businesses are focusing on health and wellness related promotional products like water bottles, yoga mats and fitness trackers. Not only are these products useful and in-demand, but also they show consumers that your brand cares about them beyond being a customer. 

Natural Materials and Textures 

Promotional products in NJ are subject to aesthetic trends, just as regular merchandise is. To make your branded swag attractive and worth taking out in public, be sure to factor in what’s hot. For example, natural materials like cork, wood and copper are in. These materials represent minimalism and quality, especially when they’re made from sustainable and eco-friendly sources.  

E-Company Stores 

Another trend to have on your radar is an online company store. These branded stores allow employees, partners and other professionals to shop company swag freely. You can pick and choose everything that goes into your store, ensuring quality and consistency. If you’re looking to sell more custom branded merchandise this year, an e-company store is worth looking into

Dual or Multifunctional Products 

People love when they’re given items that fulfill more than one purpose. These items allow users to streamline their time and effort, as well as support the consumer trends of utilitarianism and minimalism. Some of the most popular multifunctional products used in promotional marketing are stylus pens, memory stick flashlights and mousepad calendars. 

Demographic Considerations 

When choosing swag to increase brand awareness, be sure to consider your demographics. Businesses are getting better at recognizing their audiences rather than just picking out popular items from a catalog. In fact, more brands are choosing to give away fewer items that are high in quality as opposed to mass quantities of cheap products. 
With a strong promotional marketing strategy, you can get your products into the right hands and start building memorable experiences. In 2020, you’ll want to consider your demographics closely, choose valuable products and make your materials more accessible. To get your promotional marketing strategy in order, contact Inkwell USA today.