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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Not every business can afford a huge marketing budget. This is especially true given the havoc COVID-19 has wreaked on businesses worldwide. Since many companies have had to trim their fund allocations, they now need an effective to ensure the success of their marketing campaign. This is where promotional products can come to the rescue. Contrary to popular belief, giving away company swag doesn’t need to cost a huge amount. With a little forethought and insight into the recipients, you can give away high quality promotional items within a budget.

Businesses are waking up to this potential of promotional products. So much so that experts predict growth in consumer spending and corporate profit are likely to expand marketing expenditure, which can subsequently boost the demand in promotional products, according to an article by IBISWorld. So, even amid budget restrictions, marketers are left with no choice but to manage with affordable items. Here’s a look at how to design and distribute high-quality yet low-cost branded swag.

Create a Budget

Collaborate with your team to figure out the funds that can be easily allocated for promotional products. Now start researching the cost of customizing the item with your company’s name, logo, and a small tagline. Once these are factored into the budget, get one copy of the product created and check for quality and ensure the colors are perfect for your logo and the printing is clear and professionally aligned, according to an article by Small Business. Being meticulous right from the start can make the process cost-efficient for budget strategies.

Pick Smart Products

Since you are on a budget, it is a good idea to avoid big ticket items such as car accessories, tech products and gadgets as promotional gifts. Instead, pick products like calendars, which can highlight your message repeatedly over a long period of time and let customers see your brand name every day, according to an article by Inkwell Global Marketing. This way, you save on costs and enjoy “free” advertising for the longest time.

Send Holiday Gifts

The best company is likely to offer discounts and deals in the holiday season. Try to make the most of it by opting for a promotional product campaign during these times of the year. Strategize and pick simple products that have good cost-per-impression potential. Further, buy in bulk to reduce your overall.

Ideally, promotional items can make up 20% of the total marketing budget. However, it is still important to pick the right products that are worth the money. Make sure the items are attractive yet durable to give a good impression of your business.