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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


A company store is promotional in nature. It is the most efficient way to centralize order management, while meeting the real time demands of employees. Such stores are accessible to distributors, sales organizations and value-added resellers, to use your branded materials directly. A swag kit at the company store can amp up brand awareness, encourage reciprocity and help you save on marketing costs to some degree, according to an article by Inkwell Global Marketing. SwagPacks™ are a good idea if you wish to maintain productivity at the workplace too. Take a look at other reasons why you should consider SwagPacks™ at your company store.

1. Establishes Company Culture

Companies that foster a strong culture that employees can identify with tend to see lower employee turnover. In fact, 94% executives and 88% employees believe that a distinct culture is crucial to business success, according to a survey finding by Deloitte. Having brand merchandise available at your company store can create a strong internal team, influence the work culture and celebrate employees. Corporate SwagPacks™ contain specially curated office and computer accessories, apparel and drinkware that employees can use to build a sense of belongingness with the organization. High quality products can guarantee employee satisfaction, while boosting the employer’s reputation.

2. Improved Business Exposure

In any business scenario, one must embrace the importance of brand exposure. When swag items like t-shirts or travel mugs are available to employees, they are likely to carry them around; becoming mini-marketers of your brand, according to an article on ThriveHive. A company store can have several goodies circulating around the workplace and outside. This way, potential customers begin to recognize your brand and slowly gravitate towards it. It is simply because people trust what their peers have to say about brands. This is quite evident from the fact that 84% people rely on customer reviews for a purchase decision.

3. Helps Welcome New Employees

Transition into a new role could be slightly overwhelming for new recruits. As an employer, it must be your top priority to help them assimilate seamlessly with your organization. Ensure your company store has on-boarding SwagPacks™, made of sturdy materials. Learning a bit about the employee beforehand and creating thoughtful SwagPacks™ from your store products is the easiest way to welcome them. Make sure they have access to your store to pick business cards, branded polo-shirts or pens, whenever they wish to.

Ensure engaging with a reputable provider who has good knowledge of technical and operational requirements of a company store and protects your brand image with high quality products, according to an article on IHAF. It will help build brand loyalty, recognition and profits. In fact, free stuff and giveaways encourage employees to perform better and stay connected to the company culture.