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A new employee’s first few days on the job can influence the rest of their time at your company. By building a strong onboarding program, you can set new employees up for success. Of course, no onboarding program is complete without a welcome swag kit. Aside from the standard office rules, key contacts, and FAQs, your welcome box should include custom corporate swag.

Below are five awesome new employee welcome swag pack ideas to get your new hires looking and feeling like part of the company!

1 – The Office Supplies Swag Pack

When starting a new job, people are often unsure of what supplies they should bring. An office supplies swag pack gives new hires everything they need to get on the right foot. Include all important materials that you think a new employee should have, such as branded pens, notepads, and highlighters. Custom dry erase boards and markers are also useful for meetings.

2 – The Afternoon Break Swag Pack

Hopefully, your business leaves time for fun, as fun creates a healthy and productive workplace. To show that your office encourages taking breaks, present new employees with a lunch break welcome kit. Include fun things that can be done during break times, such as professional development books for reading, a mini nerf gun for nerf wars, customized playing cards, and more.

3 – The Stress Relief Swag Pack

No matter how fun your workplace is, it’s still work. People need time to decompress, so give new hires a stress relief swag pack that contains all the essentials: a stress ball, fidget cubes or spinners, and thinking putty. Employees will love having these items on hand during difficult phone calls. You can also put together a swag box that includes a branded coloring book and colored pencils. Coloring exercises the mind, reduces stress, and improves positivity.

4 – The Eco-Friendly Swag Pack

Does your company have a focus on sustainability? Including eco-friendly welcome kits during your onboarding process is an effective way to show this side of your business. Include sustainable products in your kit, such as recycled paper, organic branded t-shirts, reusable bags or totes, and a refillable water bottle.

5 – The Technology Swag Pack

Last on our list is a tech swag box, which is especially useful for tech companies. Employees enjoy getting random but useful gadgets that they might not go out and buy themselves. Some of our favorite mobile tech items include USB chargers, custom flash drives, virtual reality sets, car mounts for cell phones, and power banks.

We hope that we’ve given you some great ideas on building your own new employee welcome swag kit. To bring your vision to life, contact Inkwell Global Marketing today.