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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

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There is no question that promotional products and branded merchandise work. People enjoy receiving useful items, and you can put your brand directly into their hands. Corporate apparel is even effective in the workplace as it improves employee morale and translates into greater loyalty and higher sales.

If you are looking for new, creative ideas to reward employees and strengthen brand ties, a company web store may be the perfect solution.Having an online store alleviates many challenges, such as inconsistent branding, low quality promotional products and overspending. Plus, an e-company store cuts costs – What a win!

Here are some of the reasons why having an e company store is the best way to strengthen your brand.

Ensure Consistent Branding

It’s incredibly frustrating when your branded merchandise is inconsistent. Typically, this happens when employees order products from various manufacturers. The colors, design, logo, etc. may not look the same. Worse yet, some of the products may be low in quality.

The best way to avoid this from happening is by opening a company web store. You can control everything that goes into your store and ensure it meets your highest standards. Employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, etc. can then order from the store while knowing that all items have been approved by quality control.

Control Your Spending

No matter how much you love what you do, you have a bottom line to grow. When you use swag promotional items to engage customers or internal employees, you must stay on top of your budget. Otherwise, your teams could overspend and hurt your ROI.

With a company web store, you can allocate funds for each department. This saves money while giving each team a fair budget to work with. Plus, communications are streamlined because upper management doesn’t have to approve trade show merchandise and swag.

Boost Employee Morale

Employee morale is important for all businesses. When you recognize and reward employees, they are more engaged and productive. One of the best ways to reward employees is with an incentive program. Once they reach certain goals, they can “earn” money or points to spend on corporate swag. New stuff + recognition = happy employees.

Plus, when employees wear your branded apparel around town, it provides your company with free exposure. Choose products that your employees will be happy to wear and use when out and about, such as sweatshirts, backpacks, water bottles, phone chargers and headphones.

Guarantee Consistent Quality

You don’t want a low quality product slipping through the cracks, as this can hurt your brand image. Unfortunately, if your employees are ordering from different suppliers, it’s possible that they will purchase something that isn’t up to your standards.

Once you’ve found a distributor you like, you can ensure that everyone in your business uses them as well. Add these products to your company store and feel good knowing they will be delivered on time and to your expectations. Look for suppliers that sell name brands – people are willing to pay more for them and will associate your brand with superiority.

E company stores are a great addition to most businesses and organizations. This simple investment can save time and money, strengthen your brand and improve employee morale. To set up a company store that’s affordable and effective for your brand, contact Inkwell Global Marketing today.