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Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.


Products That Impress. Brands That Get Noticed. Companies You Remember.

Curious toknow what the most popular promotional products in NJ are? Thanks to research from the AdvertisingSpecialty Institute,we know what the best-selling categories are. As you’ll see, the most popularproducts are also the most widely used. This is why we always recommendchoosing branded swag that is practical and useful for your audience, even ifyou have to spend a bit more.

Below arethree of the most widely used promotionalproducts and whythey make a great fit for most marketing campaigns.

T-shirts havebeen the number one promotional product category for five straight years.Brands love them because they are inexpensive and easy to sell. It’s also easyto find designs that people actually want to wear such as tie-dye prints, retrofringe and V-necks. The soft materials allow for easy traveling, which is greatfor trade shows and other networking events.

1. Logoed T-shirts

Not only dobrands enjoy handing out branded apparel, but it’s also a real crowd pleaser,too. Who can resist a brand new shirt to wear to the gym or when workingoutdoors? All the while, the attire acts as a moving billboard, working hard topromote the brand behind the design.

2. Drinkware

Thesecond-most used promotional product is drinkware. Drinkware is more thanuseful – it has become a fashion accessory. Between Yetis and Hydro Flasks,more people are moving away from single-use water bottles and turning toeco-friendly alternatives. This reusable drinkware has a long shelflife andcomes with incredible value and functionality.

Stainlesssteel drinkware is especially worthwhile for sustainable or health-focusedbrands. If yours is one of them, encourage your customers to drink more waterthroughout the day with your logoed water bottle. Imagine where your brandcould go!

3. Mobile Tech Accessories

Mobile techaccessories are surging in popularity, and it’s no surprise why. Over 270 million people in the UnitedStates own a smartphone,and this number is only expected to grow. While most audiences like to receivemobile tech gadgets, they are especially popular among millennial consumers.

Here are someof the top-selling mobile phone accessories:

  • Power banks
  • Phone stands
  • Earbuds/headphones
  • Car chargers
  • Battery packs
  • Phone cases

When lookingto build out your promotional marketing strategy, these three categories aregood areas to start with. Consumers love receiving these items because they arepractical and useful. Brands enjoy handing them out because they are effectiveand relevant. To browse popular promotional products in NJ, contact Inkwell USAtoday.